The Crafton Group created a way to ask Healthcare professionals to think about the unthinkable.

ATLANTA (Aug. 27, 2014) – How do you brand a company that helps dying children and their families? What colors depict “restful” and “peaceful” mixed with a hopeful spirit? And how do you infuse those thoughts and feelings in a clear mission statement?

      That was the task of The Crafton Group (TCG) when they took on ORION, a company that required a different type of branding than their usual clients. Orion provides pediatric training and support to adult hospice and palliative care staff who care for terminally ill children and their families.

      “They needed a strategic partner to help them focus on the business aspects of the company, including branding and strategic positioning,” said Crafton Langley, Creative Director of The Crafton Group. “We brought a business expertise to the table and acted as a sounding board.”

      TCG developed the company’s name, logo, business suite (e.g., letterhead, business cards and PowerPoint template), mission statement and positioning. They also helped build their advisory board, making suggestions and recommendations. All along, they worked hard to capture the right image for the brand.

      Langley said her staff worked closely with, Elizabeth C. Vogel (Beth), MN MPH RN PNP CHPPN and ORION Founder, to portray the values and mission of the organization. “There’s a fine line to depict children at the end of life – how do you do that warmly, but also add a sense of happiness that these children are able to die at home rather than in a hospital bed?” she noted.

      Graphics expressing the brand include a representation of ascending orange stars on a teal background that evokes not darkness, but peaceful twilight. “The color blue is warm,” Langley said, “but for the Orion brand we needed a hopeful color and that was what the orange symbolized.”

       The name, Orion, came from the well-known constellation. In Greek mythology, humans who achieved good things on earth were placed among the stars, as constellations, after their death. Orion is also a heroic character in Homer’s Odyssey. “So his name makes a fitting ‘badge’ for the heroic healthcare workers who care for patients and their families,” she said.

      Joanne Breaugh, TCG Senior Account Director, described working on the account like this: “I can only imagine how devastating it must be to learn that your child is going to die. I’m proud to help an experienced pediatric hospice practitioner like Beth spread the word to adult hospices that she can provide training and support to their employees so that these children and their families get the care they need. The Crafton Group couldn’t be more honored to help Beth.”

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  • Steven Vivian

    A Very caring story.

  • Bill Mount

    The work on Orion began well before I joined The Crafton Group, so I feel free to gush without being accused of untoward bragging. What TCG accomplished with this client is near miraculous. They managed to create a compelling, positive way to talk about something that’s almost impossible to even think about. It’s like creating a square circle. Kudos to all the TCG folks who helped accomplish this important, challenging work.

  • Beth Vogel

    Thank you for all the ‘non-traditional’ assists! TCG rocks – and addresses all its clients needs!

  • Ellen Thompson

    The graphic with the stars on the blue background is truly uplifting! I give Beth as many GOLD stars for her work, as well as those at The Crafton Group who interpreted it so well in branding.

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