The Leader of the Cult.

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Taylor Vivian


It used to be that good creative and a solid media plan did the trick to get your message out to your audience. Since the complete fragmenting of communication channels in the late ‘90s, you can no longer rely on advertising alone to be effective. And unless you are a value brand, customers choose your product based on emotions and then rationalize their decisions based on facts. The most successful brands cultivate that emotion to create a brand cult in the marketplace, and then leverage their loyal following to sell more product.

Past Lives
Vice President, Account Management, Grey Worldwide, Atlanta, GA
Account Director, 360 inc, Atlanta, GA
Account Manager, DWP, Atlanta, GA

Agriculture: Tractors, balers, farm implements
Consumer Package Goods: Paper products
Destinations & Hospitality: Islands, destinations and hotels
Economic Development: States, cities
Education: Universities
Energy: Traditional power and renewable energy
Technology: ISP, software, computers
Telecommunications: Phones, Internet

Travel enthusiast
Book worm
Beach bum

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