The Crafton Group Is Not Above Getting Down and Dirty.

ATLANTA (June 17, 2014) – Massey Ferguson is a venerable tractor brand that goes back 100 years. In early 2014, The Crafton Group launched a campaign that tapped into that history. It’s called Share The Mud.

Research shows that the biggest influencer of a tractor purchase is a referral from a fellow farmer, friend or family member. TCG came up with the idea to leverage the Massey Ferguson customer base and turn it into a “grassroots sales force” to help move products.

Taylor Vivian, The Crafton Group’s Director of Account Management, summed it up. “We don’t have the advertising budget to go head-to-head with competitive brands. So we leveraged what we do have: a cult following among owners going back generations. These owners are passionate, knowledgeable advocates. Share The Mud provides them cash incentives when they refer others to buy a Massey.”

TCG created, developed and implemented the entire program and its messaging: from the name, visual identity and logo to all the communication elements like e-blasts, micro-sites, direct mail, right down to dealer kits, in-store posters, counter cards, floor decals and window clings.

The Crafton Group’s involvement went beyond advertising. The company worked closely with Massey Ferguson to develop incentive levels, fulfillment execution, even ideas as to how the program can grow and become more robust for years to come.

Within a few short months, Share The Mud was a hit. Customers embraced the incentives and dealers appreciated new, pre-sold customers walking through the door. But it wouldn’t have happened unless TCG had championed Massey owners as Massey salespeople.

“We wanted to tap into Massey Ferguson’s cult following and reward them for spreading the word about the brand. Share The Mud has created a grassroots sales force. And it has proven itself with increased sales.”

Taylor Vivian
Director of Account Management
The Crafton Group


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  • Taylor Vivian

    A really good book about cult branding is The Power of Cult Branding by Matthew Ragas. He outlines how brands, such as Starbucks, attract such brand enthusiast and continue to cultivate them.

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