How to market a destination with a more famous competitor right next door.

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Tybee Island is a unique beach community just offshore from Savannah, Georgia. TCG’s challenge was to create a distinctive brand image for Tybee that would differentiate it from competitive destinations (St. Augustine, Jekyll Island, Key West, Gulf Shores) by conveying its quirky, eclectic atmosphere, while keeping previous visitors secure in the knowledge that Tybee’s comfortable, easygoing vibe is still intact.

A number of mandatories were also part of the assignment, including showing the distinctive and iconic Tybee lighthouse, linking the island with the popular destination of Savannah and evoking a sense of dunes and sea.

Tybee is a quirky, funky, eclectic yet quaint small beach getaway. Some may say Tybee keeps it “old school” by remaining a bit under-developed and keeping it “like it used to be.” The Tybee visitor is looking for a relaxing, no stress getaway and a feeling of “coming home” to someplace that evokes fond, family memories.

The personality and charm of Tybee gave us our inspiration for the creative direction. When you bike around the Island you can feel the vibrancy in the colors of the cottages. We used these hues as our color palette for the new campaign and logo.

For the logo, it was important to incorporate the historic Tybee Lighthouse and to capture the funky energy of the island. By also adding the “beach dune” graphic, we were able to tell the Tybee story – beach, beauty and a touch of whimsy – in a single image.

We kept the design of the advertising very simple, so that the character and beauty of Tybee remained the focus of the campaign.

Between the efforts of the VISIT TYBEE Tourism Council, the introduction of the new campaign and the efforts of local Tybee merchants website traffic was up 62% from the previous year. We suggest you visit, too.