Teaching a herd of stubbornly independent dealers how to think like a brand.

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Massey Ferguson has over 200 dealers in its network. Previously, many of them were creating their own ads based on the inventory on their lots. That was diluting the brand MF was spending millions to build. Dealers needed retail advertising that was flexible, customizable and transferable to all seasons. Otherwise, they’d just go back to their old, brand-cannibalizing ways.

The Crafton Group created a template that’s truly “plug-and-play” for dealers. They’re able to choose from a vast library of images to promote as many tractor models and as many prices as they’d like in their markets. It’s a lot less work for the dealers, allowing them to concentrate on selling tractors instead of working as part-time graphic designers. And it’s far better for the MF brand, since it presents a consistent look and tone to the world.

Dealers are now able to market on a local level, running advertising that promotes specific inventory they have in stock. Also, the advertising the dealers are running is compatible with the broad, brand advertising that Massey Ferguson is running nationally. Since the program launched, dealer participation has increased significantly and sales are up 30% from the previous year.