How to create a positive brand for the most negative experience conceivable.

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Although 55,000 US children die of life-limiting illnesses each year, the incidence of children dying is happily far lower than that of adults with similar terminal illnesses. As a result, end-of-life care for children is often provided by clinicians (physicians, nurses, social workers and chaplains) who have little or no experience managing the unique medical issues that occur at the end of a child’s life, and the extraordinary anxiety experienced by parents anticipating the unspeakable; the death of their child.
In 2012, TCG was engaged to name and create from the ground up a brand for a new company that would provide pediatric training and support to hospice and palliative care staff in order that they, in turn, can provide competent and confident end-of-life care to children and their families.

Obviously, marketing anything associated with the end of life, especially when children are involved, requires enormous sensitivity. How can you present an awful idea in a way that doesn’t make the brand, by association, awful? Research showed that hospice and palliative care clinicians have a deep, almost invisible need to feel acknowledged for helping patients and their families through an intensely challenging life passage. So, TCG began exploring the concepts of ascent, transition and guidance to what comes next.
In many traditional mythologies (Greek, Roman, Norse), humans who achieve good things on earth are placed among the stars, as constellations, after their death. So a well-known constellation, Orion, was chosen as the brand name. Also, Orion is a heroic character in Homer’s Odyssey. So his name makes a fitting “badge” for the heroic healthcare workers who care for patients and their families to wear.
Graphics expressing the brand followed naturally; a representation of ascending stars on a background that evokes, not darkness, but peaceful twilight.

Orion is a new enterprise operating in a specialized niche market; so hard revenue figures are not available right now. But if pride and good feelings among their “customers”, the healthcare workers who’ve undertaken the training that Orion offers are any indication, then this unique enterprise is off to a very strong start.