How to capitalize on a cult. Or, what we learned from Harley Davidson, Krispy-Kreme and Spanx.

Brand Mark, Direct Mail, Point-of-Sale: Posters, Floor Decal, Counter Card

Massey Ferguson was facing a pretty common challenge: a profound need to increase market share, but a shallow bucket of media dollars to do it with, especially compared to their enormous competitors.

What Massey Ferguson lacked in media budget they made up for in customer loyalty. The brand enjoys the same kind of generations-deep allegiance seen in “cult” brands like Harley Davidson motorcycles, Krispy-Kreme donuts and Spanx underwear. And our research showed us that the biggest influence for buying a new tractor was a referral from a friend or family member.

The Crafton Group developed Share the Mud, a marketing program that leveraged Massey Ferguson’s intensely loyal following, creating a grassroots sales force that would drive prospects into dealerships. The program incented current Massey owners to refer friends. The existing customer would receive up to $500 every time a friend bought a tractor.

Within the first three months of inception, it was among the highest performing programs for the brand, with conversion rates of 50%.