Since part of Motiv’s output is a quantitative presentation of motivating emotions, it meshes beautifully with more conventional forms of research, from conjoint analysis to ethnography.
Farmers know these equipment brands, but not much about the parent brand behind them.
Surprise. Not all farmers are down-to-earth traditionalists. A lot of them are ambitious, innovative and rebellious (but they’ll never tell).
Once we arrived at a distinctive, emotionally motivating message, a combined TCG and AGCO team brainstormed hundreds of ways to bring that message to life in every communications channel.

With Motiv, TCG and AGCO make a breakthrough discovery: Farmers are people, just like you and me.


AGCO is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of agricultural equipment. But, since the company has grown primarily by acquiring established ag brands around the world (Massey Ferguson, Fendt and Valera tractors, Gleaner harvesters, GSI grain storage and livestock-feeding equipment, etc.), AGCO, the parent brand itself, lacked a single, clear meaning to all its numerous audiences.

It’s analogous to people having clear feelings about Dove soap, Lipton tea and Hellman’s mayonnaise, but no real impression of Unilever, the huge company behind those familiar brands.

A focused, singular brand impression is more important than ever in today’s world of Precision Farming, where massive harvesters are guided by satellites and GPS and technological interoperability across dozens of pieces of farm machinery is critical. If a piece of equipment is branded John Deere and it’s painted green, farmers can feel sure that it will work perfectly with other, green equipment.

To compete successfully, AGCO needed to be able to assure farmers that a Fendt tractor would interface seamlessly with, say, a Sunflower tiller and a White planter, because it was all backed by AGCO.

Using Motiv™, TCG’s own insight and strategy tool, we discovered the Emotivations* that drive the purchase decisions of hundreds of farmers, around the world. Most aspects of the work we did are, of course, confidential. But we can report that we uncovered a number of previously-hidden, emotional factors that influence the behavior of a high percentage of farmers.

While a lot of farmers are traditionalists who revel in a connection to the history and roots of farming, It turns out that a lot of successful farmers are anything but the aw-shucks-salt-of-the Earth types people expect them to be. They’re as ambitious and competitive as any Wall Street shark. But they keep that hidden behind a regular-guy facade. A lot of them have a deep-seated need to feel innovative, self-assured and even a little bit rebellious. And good things will come to the brand that helps them feel that way.

In 2015, AGCO unveiled a new, global brand position: Connected To Tomorrow. The line expresses that the brand is committed to the interconnected nature of contemporary agribusiness as well as being focused on innovation.

More than just a tagline, however, the idea of Connected To Tomorrow informs and focuses all aspects of AGCO’s business, from marketing to product development to service and support. It’s an idea that’s bound to resonate with all those ambitious, innovative, slightly rebellious farmers all over the world.

*Emotivations is the term we created to describe the frequently-hidden emotions that motivate purchase decisions.