How to make 100,000 guests feel welcome by making them cry.

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The Sunbelt Ag Expo is North America’s premiere agricultural trade show. Held every fall in Moultrie, GA, it attracts more than 100,000 visitors from all over the country. For three days, visitors peruse more than 4,000 products from 1,200 exhibitors. Covering an area the size of 1,600 football fields, the Expo’s site even contains a 600-acre working farm. Here, visitors will find just about every product or service a farmer could ever imagine, and probably quite few they never could.

What could Massey Ferguson do to stand out?

Our research had yielded an insight that no competitive brand seemed to be exploiting; famers love farming. To an outsider, farming looks to be a backbreaking, soul-damaging occupation. But a lot of farmers barely see it as work. Time spent in the field on a tractor is almost like time spent in church.

Massey Ferguson and The Crafton Group were already putting these insights to work in a potent, new advertising campaign. The job now was to translate The Joy In The Work into MF’s beautiful new event space, designed to look and feel like the inside of a huge, galvanized metal grain silo.

Research had also shown that Massey Ferguson enjoyed some of the highest owner loyalty figures in the category. A lot of farming families had used Massey tractors for multiple generations. So The Crafton Group designed a Heritage Rail, showcasing a half-century of Massey innovations. A stroll around the perimeter of the event space confirmed what customers had long known, MF has always been on the leading edge of agricultural technology.

Factoid Boards were integrated into the silo structure so that, no matter where visitors turned, they were confronted with fascinating Massey facts.

The focal point of the display was a bank of monitors that continuously ran a TCG-created video all about The Joy In The Work. Next time we’ll add boxes of Kleenex. A number of viewers confessed to wiping away a few furtive tears.

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