Making sales by taking sides.

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Farmers across the nation were hard pressed to meet ever-increasing demands from the Environmental Protection Agency regarding fuel emissions. AGCO had the answer to solving that challenge – e3, their proprietary brand of emissions technology.

No one cares more for the environment than farmers. Their livelihood literally depends on it. But they resented the EPA controls that pushed them into trade-offs they didn’t want to make in terms of the performance and productivity of their tractors. Our job was to let them know we were on their side – and that e3 was the hottest, coolest thing in emissions technology. It not only delivered uncompromised horsepower and torque, but helped engines run cooler, and actually delivered up to 15% better fuel economy.

Farmers enthusiastically embraced our promise of “Compliance Without Compromise.” And their decision was validated a year later, when AGCO tractors with e3 were recognized as the most fuel efficient in the industry, by the Nebraska Tractor Test Lab – the official tractor testing station for the United States of America.