Getting farmers to change their minds, with a message that changed the game.

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The cold, hard truth was that large dairy and hay farmers didn’t consider Massey Ferguson a “big” farmer’s tractor. They were reluctant to admit to their peers that they would even consider buying a Massey high-horsepower machine.

Research indicated that “talking the talk” just wouldn’t cut it. Massey had to walk the walk. Get in those farmers’ faces and challenge them. Backed by features like the world’s most advanced CVT transmission, higher field speeds, and outstanding fuel efficiency, we dared them to “MAN UP” and recognize the facts that proved Massey was comparable and even superior to the competition.

• Response rate to direct mail:  10%
• Demo Execution Rate: 10% response to invitations to demo
• Sales Conversation Rate: 8.9%
• Cost per Lead:   $55 (9% of traditional marketing cost)
• Cost per Sale:  $118 (25% of traditional marketing cost)
• ROI: 10/1