Helping a venerable brand prove it’s the best, instead of just saying it.

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With a 65-year history of success, the Hesston® brand of hay equipment has long been the #1 choice of hay producers in North America. When it was purchased by AGCO, it was folded in under the Massey Ferguson® tractor brand. Unfortunately, production problems from Massey’s past have continued to affect its market share, and fears were growing that Hesston’s status might be negatively affected. In 2013, it was decided to distance the Hesston name from Massey, with a completely new look and brand identity.

In that same year, Hesston was introducing a new, industry-leading windrower. Its technological advances truly made this the benchmark by which all other windrowers would be measured, and would reinforce Hesston’s leadership position. It was the perfect time to introduce a new brand look and voice.

The new look was embraced immediately by virtually all Hesston stakeholders. Evidence of that was clear, from the enthusiastic participation of Dealers and the avid response from customers – in the end, the entire inventory of these $150,000 windrowers sold out.