Capitalizing on the cachet of The Capital Grille.

National Ads, eBlast Announcements, Banner Advertising*

Being the best in your category is always a positive. But simply telling people you’re the best tends to ring mighty hollow. How could we find a meaningful, believable way to communicate that The Capital Grille is truly peerless?

Simple. By telling the truth – or we should say the specific truths – that convey our 
exceptional brand promise in a memorable way and lets the prospects draw their own 
conclusions. Like the fact The Capital Grilles uses only the finest, freshest seasonal ingredients. Each restaurant has an in-house butcher. Desserts are always made fresh 
each morning. And the mozzarella is made every 90 minutes.

Our new media campaign is just now in production. But the client is enthusiastic. 
And we certainly have high hopes for it. Take a look at some of the materials and judge for yourself.

* Rebecca Rush, CD, CW; Crafton Langley, AD