How to move beyond brand loyalty to brand love.

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Over the past 167 years, Massey Ferguson has built a loyal following. And that’s a good thing. But we needed to find ways to build affinity and relevance with new customers in today’s marketplace. Our job was to move beyond mere ads and brochures – and turn today’s farmers into fans.

An enormous percentage of Massey customers listen to country music. And 42% of the U.S. population overall – 95 million people – are country music fans. So we partnered with Rodney Atkins – a “high-horsepower” country music star who shared our brand values. He was already popular with our customers and dealers. And a full sponsorship program was mounted to strengthen our connection with customers and elevate the brand.

This is a perfect example of the results The Crafton Group gets by connecting WITH prospects instead of just advertising AT them. And doing it in non-linear, cost-effective ways. In 2012, the partnership generated over 88,000,000 impressions among our target audience. In 2013, we emphasized Dealer activation and leveraged social media platforms that helped us forge a whole new level of connection with the next generation of Massey owners.