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Melba Love


In the battle of right brain vs. left brain, Melba calls it a draw.

She keeps the financial side of The Crafton Group running smoothly, while also running her successful catering business, My Chef, Mel (http://www.mychefmel.com). Both require finesse, resourcefulness, talent – and boundless energy.

When she’s not getting accurate invoices to clients or preparing 48 servings of an amazing Waldorf Salad, Melba occasionally calls up her sublime creative skills. She’s the talent behind the beautiful, orange-centered Sweet Peach Bullseye cookies our clients have come to know and love. http://thecraftongroup.com/whats-with-the-cookies/

Past Lives
Partner/CFO, D.M. Powell & Associates
Manager, Billing and Data Processing, Burton Campbell Advertising
Computer Operator, EDS/Department of Labor
Computer Operator/Programming Assistant, ITT Grinnell

Monthly accounting
Timely completion of month-end financials
Cash flow management and payroll
Time tracking and billing
Project management
System capabilities: Macintosh and Windows, Quicken, Clients and Profits, Timeslips, Quickbooks, Excel, TABS, Peachtree Accounting, Creative Suite, Word, PowerPoint.

Alter Egos
My Chef Mel Catering and recipe development
Chicken Farmer

Organic Gardener
Independent Movie Addict

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