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Melanie Merrifield


You can’t always be louder than your competitors. But you can always be more relevant.

Advertising is worthless unless it connects with the right set of people. Otherwise it’s just so much yada-yada. Good work touches people emotionally and moves them to action.

That’s no small feat in today’s noisy, multi-tasking reality.

The Crafton Group creates work that gets noticed because it’s based on a sound understanding of what’s truly important to our audience. That’s why we start every project by asking “Why should people care?” and “How can we help?”

Decades of direct marketing keeps me impatient to make an impact. And I love the accountability of strong analytics. (Nerdy, but I own it.) But, enough about me. What can I do for you?

Past Lives
Senior Content Strategist, AIS Media, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Associate Creative Director, BKV, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Senior Copywriter, WestWayne, Inc., Primerica Financial Services, Duluth, GA
Senior Copywriter, JWT Direct, Atlanta, GA
Copywriter, Liller Neal, Inc., Atlanta, GA

Agriculture: American Cyanamid
Automotive: Client Command dealer marketing Consumer
Consumer Package Goods: Wisk and all detergents, Florida’s Natural orange juice, Vanity Fair, Community Coffee
Finance and Insurance: CitiGroup, Smith Barney, AFLAC, Suntrust, Synovus
Health Care: Physician practice marketing, Back Pain Centers of America
Media: The Wall Street Journal
Real Estate: Lincoln Harbor, Arvida, Centrex Homes
Retail: Fast food, eyewear
Technology/Telecom: AT&T, Sprint, BellSouth, Cingular, Fiserv
Tools: Fein MultiMaster
Tourism/Entertainment: Hilton Hotels, Six Flags Over Georgia
Utilities: SCANA Energy, Georgia Power
NonProfit: The Make-A-Wish Foundation, The American Red Cross, ChildFund International, The Salvation Army, CARE International and local charities

Dim Sum Enthusiast
The Georgia Guidestones
Learning Piano (painful for the neighbors, but fun for me)

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