Thinking outside the ad.

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Joanne Breaugh


You need to get your brand noticed – and we’ve been successful at doing just that because we don’t employ just one discipline. Sure it all starts with a relevant brand positioning and breakthrough creative. But after that, what?

Online, print and broadcast advertising will get your name out there, but that’s just the beginning. In a competitive environment, promotion marketing should be an integral part of the mix.

Looking to build brand prestige? A marketing partnership may be just the answer.   Hoping to drive social media traffic? A celebrity partnership can work. Need to stretch your media dollars? Media merchandising can give you huge returns. Want more in-store visibility and more personal engagement with your target? Tap into trade and consumer promotions and feet on the street events.

We’ve done it all for existing clients. Take a look at our Massey Ferguson/Rodney Atkins case study, for instance. Then let us do it for you.

Past Lives
Account Director, Momentum NA, Atlanta, GA
VP, Account Director, Fitzgerald+CO, Atlanta, GA
Account Executive – Account Supervisor, Monzo Marketing, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Promotions Coordinator, Coca-Cola USA

Agriculture: Tractors, balers, farm implements
Packaged Goods: Candy, soft drinks, premium dog food, fresh produce, pre-packaged produce, pickles/condiments, deli meat, golf equipment
Destination: Caribbean island, national hotel and resort chain
Pharmaceuticals: Oral hygiene system, vision correction
Real Estate: Residential developer
Finance: Regional bank
Hardgoods: Power tools
Luxury Brands: Furniture, decor accents
Logistics: Package delivery company
Restaurants: QSR, family, food service
Spirits: Wine
Technology: Cellular

Overly-committed community and church volunteer
Aspiring master gardener
Hobby chef

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