“I do declare!”

That’s a phrase every Southern grandmother (at least those who were grandmothers between, say, 1880 and 1980) used to exclaim in a wide variety of circumstances.

     It meant two things.

     If it was preceded by “Well!” it meant, “You’ve done or said something unexpected and, perhaps, not 100% appropriate in this particular venue.”

      Or, it meant “I’m about to lay some profound truth on you callow youngsters, so listen up.” Both meanings make I Do Declare the perfect title for this part of The Crafton Group’s website.

      Here, you’ll find writings by our associates and friends, covering topics we think will be interesting to fellow marketers, clients and creative people. Our intent is to make these writings surprising, not always 100% appropriate (in that we hope they’re thought-provoking), but always profoundly true.

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