How to make a distinguished school a distinctive choice.

Coles Burress Building

Competition among universities offering business graduate programs is fierce. Every year, thousands of men and women enter these universities, seeking to advance their careers. But with so many programs to choose from in the metro Atlanta market, as well as online, how could Coles College of Business, a highly-respected school at Kennesaw State University, convince people that it’s the right school to help them turn their ambitions into accomplishments?

The Crafton Group was brought in to help increase awareness and requests for information for four graduate programs within the Coles College of Business.

Research. Insight. Execution.

The typical graduate program prospect has a dilemma. They know getting a graduate degree is worthwhile, but their lives are already busy. And the prospect of sitting in traffic after a long day at work, plus giving up weekends for the next couple of years, is daunting.

So our job was to communicate that Coles College understands these obstacles and wants to remove them. We needed to show prospects that schedule and location flexibility, small class size, hybrid in-class/online programs, and opportunity to be mentored by heavy hitters in the business world outweighed their concern about losing the balance in their life.

The media and creative plan called for four separate banners, one for each Coles graduate program, to run on targeted sites. To insure a unified look, each of the four program banners was designed to conform to the Coles College color palette specifications. Our challenge was to work within the brand standards so that each design is a “first cousin” to the others, but varied enough that each program is individually distinctive.

Headlines focused on a primary benefit unique to a particular program. By being more targeted, we were able to appeal directly to prospects whose interests and mind-set aligned with each of the four graduate programs.

“We met The Crafton Group through work they’d done for The Georgia WebMBA. When the time came to develop a digital campaign for the Coles MBA program, it seemed like a natural fit to partner with an Agency that already had in-depth knowledge of our online program and our audience, and could provide smart, creative solutions for our other graduate programs too.

We’re pleased with the partnership, the marketing savvy and the creative direction.  Our Team looks forward to another collaborative effort on our upcoming print campaign.”

Mandy Brooks
Assistant Dean and Senior Lecturer of Marketing
Kennesaw State University | Coles College of Business

The Results


“Since we began working with Coles College of Business, hundreds of Georgians have received MBA’s there and are now on their way to better lives. We’re honored to have been a part of that process. “U.S. News” named Coles College one of the best business schools in the country. And we’re not a bit surprised.”

Crafton Langley

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