If it’s not provocative, then it’s not creative.

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Crafton Pease Langley


What does creative mean? When your business card says Creative Director, you get asked that a lot. After years of offering snappy answers, I’ve settled on this serious one:

At The Crafton Group, creative means that the work we do has to create something in the hearts and minds of our clients’ customers.

Our work must provoke an action. It must compel someone to, perhaps, think about a new destination for the family vacation. Consider a different tractor brand than the one dad and granddad always bought. Click a “Tell Me More” button. If it doesn’t, then it’s not creative. In fact, maybe we should consider replacing that word with something more accurate by TCG standards. Maybe I’ll have my cards changed to read Provocative Director.

Past Lives
Creative Conscience/Consultant, Brain Surgery, LLC, Atlanta, GA
Sr. VP, Creative Director, The Joey Reiman Agency, Atlanta, GA
Sr. VP, Associate Creative Director, Fahlgren Martin (hired by David Martin, who was also chairman of The Martin Agency at the time), Atlanta, GA

Agriculture: Tractors, balers, farm implements
Education Ivy League schools, online MBAs
Consumer Package Goods: Soft drinks, frozen vegetables to frozen pies, pizza, golf clubs
Destination: Vacation resorts along the east coast, islands, countries
Finance: Small banks, big banks, banks that are no longer banks
Health Care: Hospitals, pediatric emergency, HMOs, pediatric hospice care, nurse recruitment, Health Care Technology
Luxury Brands: Restaurants, furniture, resorts
Pharmaceutical: Sepsis, Osteoporosis/EVISTA
Restaurants: High-end restaurants, restaurants with a drive-through, restaurants with live music
Real Estate: Developers, communities, islands
Technology: Personal computers, networking
Utilities: Power companies

Renovating a 1955 Tybee Island cottage
Dreaming of relaxing in a 1955 Tybee Island cottage
Southern gardening
The Cosmics (my book club)

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