Words are the Legos of ideas.

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Carey Moore


The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference in lightning and lightning bug.

So said Mark Twain, a man who knew a thing or two about words.

For all the changes in the communication business, words and ideas are still our currency. With them, we persuade, inform, shape opinions – and, ultimately, sell.

They’re our best shot at breaking through the walls today’s distracted consumers have put up. It’s how we keep them from turning the page (or swiping, in this smartphone and tablet world) and changing the station. 

Ideas are how we connect with our audience, whether to make them smile or just go “hmmmm.” And if we accomplish that, we’re already ahead of our competition.

Past Lives
Independent copywriter and creative director based in Nashville, TN
Associate Creative Director, The Buntin Group, Nashville, TN
Senior Copywriter, Doe-Anderson, Louisville, KY
Senior Copywriter, Endres Wilson Eng, Nashville, TN
Copywriter, Tausche Martin Lonsdorf, Atlanta, GA
Copywriter, Babbitt & Reiman, Atlanta, GA

Health Care: Academic medicine, community hospitals, health systems
Food: O’Charley’s, Mrs. Winner’s, Applebee’s, GiGi’s Cupcakes, Honeybaked Ham
Grocery: Kroger, United Supermarkets
Education: Belmont University, Brown College of Court Reporting, University of Georgia
Tourism: Alabama, West Virginia, Kentucky, Rock City
Outdoors: Skeeter boats, Zebco, Motorguide
Industrial/Transportation: Yale lift trucks, Daimler, National Auto/Truck Stops, TN Department of Transportation, Bridgestone, General Tire
Non-Profit: Girl Scouts, Nashville Sports Council, City of Houston Anti-Human Trafficking

Writing music for television
The books on my nightstand
Whatever’s in the DVR

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