Or a marketing consultancy.

Or a design firm.

Think about that for a few seconds.

Chances are you need access to people with capabilities you don’t have in your own organization. You need people with that rare combination of creative talent and predatory business skills.

And you don’t need high-rent offices and skyline views and salaries for people who don’t directly benefit you.

Pitch the pulp. Keep the juice.

A few years ago, Crafton Langley was a creative director at a big, Atlanta ad agency. She watched while that agency, like all creative and marketing establishments at that time, labored mightily to squeeze every last bit of “inefficiency” out of its business model.

The trouble, at least the way Crafton saw it, was that they were doing all the squeezing in ways that only benefitted the agency and its investors. Not the agency’s clients.

So The Crafton Group was formed to flip that notion around.

Crafton, and a few other seasoned pros, all of whom longed to continue applying their talents in the interest of clients, rather than wrangling an agency’s internal intrigues, formed The Crafton Group to deliver exactly what marketers really need, with absolutely none of the burdensome trappings they don’t.

The Crafton Group is a Marketing and Creative Collective.

The Crafton Group is designed and built from the very foundations to provide clients with intimate access to senior practitioners in every aspect of contemporary marketing and communications:

      You’ll work with people who have exactly the talents you need, exactly when you need them, and you won’t be paying for them when you don’t.

      Since we’re a virtual organization, we don’t have to constantly pitch new business to keep up with overhead. We don’t have to bring out senior people to win your business, then hand you off to the B team to make it profitable.

      In fact, it’s impossible for us to hand off to the B Team.

We don’t have one.

      We judge our success on repeat business from existing clients and new business gained mostly through client recommendations.

The mandatory call to action.

      So, if you’re an aggressive organization and you’d like to meet some experienced marketing and creative people who are guaranteed to be almost as zealous about your goals as you are, please click this, or make a good, old-fashioned phone call to Crafton Langley or Taylor Vivian at 404.245.9766.

And thank you.